Comparing Coolant and Lubricant as Cutting Fluid – Technology Magazine

The most commonly used cutting fluids are in this process. The lubrication liquid reduces the heat as well as friction in cutting of metal. The fluid cools by removing energy from the work area and shields the machine and workpiece from heat.

Lubricant fluids can reduce the heat generation rates without having any impact on previous heat generated. Coolants, however, on the contrary side, do not reduce heat generation. Water could be a cooling fluid due to its high specific heat capability. Wateron the contrary is not lubricant and is not an ideal grease.

Coolants increase the lifespan of tools however lubricants enhance the longevity of the moving parts of a device. Coolants contain water, so the possibility of oxidation is possible, but lubricants don’t. Lubricants work well when applied on machinery and human skin as coolants can only be used on machinery. Coolants look more liquid-like as compared to oily fluids. If you want to achieve the desired results, adhere to the quantity usage of coolants and lubricants.


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