Understanding Hair Growth – Blog Author

As with every body part, hair comes with a complex anatomy. Although one small hair may make it seem easy it is actually a lot more involved parts that are not evident. The video below will help you understand the basics of hair structure, hair growth and more.

Hair is made up of a bulb, shaft, and root. The shaft is visible growing out of the skin into the air. It’s located beneath the skin’s surface . It is able to extend into the bulb it is located in the layer of dermis. The root and bulb combined make up the hair follicle. The cells in hair develop by division and then moving upwards inside the follicle. Cells go through an endless cycle of growth and die. The genetics of hair loss may be a cause for thinning and loss when they grow older. In this video, we will discuss why different hair colorations occur as well as how they’re acquired. m6ub7cadao.

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