The Homeowners Guide to Choosing Hurricane Window Protection – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks


A lot of homeowners choose to cover the windows of their homes with plywood. The wood is durable enough to withstand falling debris. Plywood strength is derived from various materials throughout. There are horizontal and vertical laminates. Plywood can be very dense.


The Nylon option is another one for homeowners to consider. Nylon can be attached to your windows by brackets or fasteners. Nylon may not be more durable than Plywood, but it is stronger than Plywood. Nylon can stop large objects from entering the house in hurricanes. However, it can still cause damage to your windows, if objects are pushed across the sky with sufficient velocity and force.

Impact Glass

The impact glass windows are considered to be a sustainable alternative. Many layers of glass are utilized to create a barrier for windows. The impact glass helps protect your car from debris that flies. The impact glass can damage the exterior of your vehicle, but it will not scratch the interior.

Protective hurricane windows come in different forms. Take note of the individual requirements of your house prior to making a choice. uln2r73j5c.

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