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lessened levels of addiction anger, and depression. Yet, video games can offer gamers a wealth of advantages that can assist in the reduction of their negative effects. Learn more below about the reasons the online gaming experience is advantageous to gamers.

Gamers perform better in mental and visual navigation. It was found that the University of California conducted a 2015 study that compared gamers against non-gamers. Researchers found that people who played games with three dimensions performed better than players who played two-dimensional games or who did not play at all.

Video games (online and offline) also have the added benefit of helping to improve the ability to solve problems. According to the Journal of Youth and Adolescence published a study from 2013 that showed that gamers who played strategically-designed games had greater success at problem-solving than those who had not. Strategic games played online are connected with better grades.

The video games have also benefits that include better attention allocation. A single MRI research conducted by Dr. Daphne Beverly found that the three regions of the brain responsible for attention had better performance in players of video games than those who didn’t. In a world with many sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder, this increased concentration span can be extremely useful. ithl3csy36.

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