Should You Use a Cat6 or a Cat6A Ethernet Cable? – InClue

Modern networks heavily rely upon Ethernet cables for connection. The system cannot be built without using a Cat6 Cable or Cat6A. This guide will help you choose which one to use for your requirements based on the specifics of your situation. The cat6 cable is a simple and secure data and voice network. The cat6 is the most economical ethernet connection that is capable of achieving 10 Gbps speeds up to about 165ft. This cable has the capability of transmitting 5Gbps speeds to an area of up to the distance of 328 feet. Cat6A cables are smaller and are capable of transmitting 10 Gbps across a distance of from 328 to the length of 328 feet.

Both cables can be used in their own applications however, the Cat6 cable provides more value. These two cables feature the twits that are in their designs that make them durable and immune to crosstalk. Category 6a cables are heavier because they are more protected. If you do not need to add 10, Gbps of data to your system, the Cat6 cable is likely to meet the requirements of your system. Data centers, educational facilities and hospitals all depend on the Cat6A to manage their security, automation, access control and PoE programs.


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