What You Should Know for Your Commercial Concrete Repairs – Economic Development Jobs

remediated. Its YouTube channel “How To Patch a Concrete Wall with CPR” demonstrates how patches can be made waterproof.

The first step is to apply a rubber sponge to apply the grab coat layer of cement onto the concrete wall that is which is to be patched. To ensure that the cement gets into the wall’s pores you must apply it with an enormous amount of pressure. Multiple layers of cement are applied to the wall until the desired thickness is reached.

In the event that you achieve the desired amount of thickness, any feathered material must be taken away from the edges with an edge that is straight. You should continue this process until the patch looks smooth and uniform. Using a misting bottle, make sure to wet the patch using water. To avoid trapping air, don’t apply the water too heavily. Smooth the patch using a straight edge. Make use of the leftover slurry from cement to smooth it. To smoothen the slurry then use the rubber flotation.


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