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000000″>Take out everything in your cabinet of medicine and dispose of anything that has expired or there is no need for it. You should dispose of them in a safe manner as they may contain dangerous chemical. Pills and medicines that have expired or cannot be utilized should be put into the toilet, then flushed out. They should not be thrown into the trash bin as there are some that may have reactive chemicals or a child could find them and eat them.

If you’re unsure how you should dispose of medications from your medicine cabinets take a moment to do some analysis on how to dispose of them or give them back to the pharmacy or the pharmacist where you purchased them.


Examine your pantry to get rid of any food item which is no longer in use or has become to stale. Foodstuffs that are likely to pose health risks or expire in a matter of days are best discarded. Donate food to shelters or food banks if you find foods that have expired beyond their expiration date. You can also explore your pantry and find out what things you can conserve and which need to get rid of.

Attic Space and Crawl Space

Attics are perfect spaces because they can be used for storage of items which is why they serve as a nursery for objects which are no longer in use. It is important to clean these it


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