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Irresistible food. But how is it that it was created? This article will explore how sushi was created.

The information we get from Sam O’Nella Academy, that sushi originated in Japan in the early 900s. The early version of sushi that we have today was quite different. The sushi of the time was salted fish in fermented rice. The rice’s purpose wasn’t to be consumed and, instead, it was made use of as a means to store the fish.

Around 1800 , seaweed sheets started to become popular. In the wake of this, it was that we began to see the current sushi roll form.

In the last quarter of the 19th century there was a large number of Japanese migrants to the United States. They Japanese took their own sushi, but it was consumed more by upper-class people.

Following the war, sushi wasn’t a huge hit across America. This particular aspect of Japanese customs was accepted by Americans after the war, and many restaurants serving sushi opened in America in the late 1980s.


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