Different Types of Health Insurance Plans – SCHUMM

An organization is a health insurance provider that supplies medical services in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. Employers with 25 or more employees are required to offer an HMO that is federally accredited if the employer offers conventional healthcare choices. This is the option that is normally the least expensive and the least flexible. It is required that you be a patient of a primary healthcare provider when you choose this option. Following is the fee for service. The Fee for Service can be a method of payment which allows for services to be paid in separate installments rather than as a bundle. This is a model of payment that rewards physicians for providing higher quality services. Instead of focusing on quality, however, but just the quantity of services provided, fee-for-service is a way to motivate physicians to consider offering additional treatments. Third option is called Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), the in between of HMO as well as FFS. PPO is a managed healthcare organization of medical doctors as well as hospitals and health providers who has negotiated with an insurance provider or an administrator from a third party to give health care at reduced cost to the most expensive insurer’s or administrator’s customers. zevkanpcew.

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