Tips for Measuring for Window Blinds – DIY Home Ideas

Certain people choose blinds in order that they can be able to sleep peacefully during the day. Many people want blinds to be a decorative feature.

Whatever the case is the one thing that is constant in the process of deciding on new blinds how much? In absence of proper measurements, the blinds may not be able to cover all windows as sunlight can enter the room. In this video, the woman explains different ways to measure the blinds on your windows.

The expert suggests using measuring tapes for accurate measurements. Make a note of the measurements for your window’s width and its height. After that, utilize an measuring guide to figure out what each measurement means for blinds.

Another thing to keep on your mind is the window’s depth. If it is too small, then you may have a difficult time putting up blinds. If the thickness is adequate, you can measure the width and height.

If you’re interested in mounting blinds on windows, you need to check out this video! This video walks you through the steps precisely and can make the process of mounting blinds simple. Good luck!


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