Common Roof Problems that Means You Need a New Roof – Boston Equator

of your house is the that’s the roof. It shields you from the elements outside. When your roof starts to fall apart, you might require a replacement. Roof replacement and repairs represent the highest expenses homeowners will need to cover. Luckily, roofs last for longer than 10 years. This video explains some of the most common problems roofs face that might mean you need to replace your roof.

The granules that are found on roof shingles don’t just give the roof a stylish appearance however, they also serve an important use. The granules guard asphalt shingles against wind, sun and various other environmental elements. But they’ll shed. When the granules disappear, it’s time to change the shingles.

Areas of potential leaks are indicators that your roof may be becoming worn. It could be due to the elements or simply an old age. However, it’s always better to identify leaks in the early stages so that they don’t result in major damage in the future.

This video is full of information regarding typical issues that you could find in a roof. The professionals are certified to look over roofs.


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