What Are the Traditional Methods of Irrigation? – Home Town Colorado


Dry, hot days require the highest amount of water while rainy ones require the least. Some sources of irrigation water include ponds, wells dams, rivers and lakes.

Moat/pulley may be utilized as an alternative. Through human labor, buckets could be removed from the sources of water, and then spread over the fields. The distribution of water can be uneven.

A different method is using the chain pump. Chain pumps attach buckets at the ends of a chain. The buckets then are lower into water sources using a turning wheel. After that, water is emptied into man-made canals.

The Dhekli is an alternative. Two logs with either human labor, or a large load can lift buckets of water and drain them in an irrigation scheme. A small amount of water is lost.

Rahat is a system that works by having individuals or animals turn a rod, wheel and bucket. The wheel then spin another wheel that has several buckets. The buckets take in water, afterwards empty them to the system for irrigation.

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