How Do I Perform a Tire Repair? – Consumer Reports Travel

If there’s no damage to the sidewall of the tire be put on. If it is damaged an issue, the tire needs to be replaced. If there is a minor puncture through the tread, it is possible to patch the damaged area. A rope plug is employed to repair the tire quick, but it’s not advised for use over a long period of time. It is the best way to repair your tire.

First, you’ll need to determine the exact location of the valve stem and identify the area where it is. Once you’ve accomplished this, your tire can remove from the vehicle. After the tire is removed, you can use an instrument to trace the route of the hole. It’s usually straight in which makes it easy to patch. There is a need to smooth the wall of the tire by using the buffer and use rubber cement to bind the patch.

It is much more than that it is a lot more, so be sure to be aware of the tire, the patch, as well as other processes before you repair your tire.


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