The Basics of Fire Prevention – Outdoor Family Portraits

lity to follow appropriate fire prevention strategies to protect themselves, their families, and homes. This video explains a few basics you can do to help prevent fires.

Combining a stove and broiler drawer can be one of the most common causes of home fires. The broiler drawer should not be an area to store pots, pans, towels hot pads or any other objects. Leaving things in your drawer in the oven can result in fires when you utilize your oven.

A toaster that isn’t functioning properly is another typical issue. If your microwave doesn’t function in a proper manner, other appliances might be a problem. Make sure the dryer’s filters and exhaust vents are clean. Make sure your dryer isn’t running even when you’re not home.

It’s also not wise not to keep candles in a safe place. When you’re not there, be sure to turn off the lighting when you leave the area. The flame can be lit again, but you may not be able to put out any fire that starts. Always take precautions to avoid being in danger.

For more fire prevention tips take a look at the video at the link above.


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