Signs You Need a New Roof – Family Reading

how you how to catch early signs that you need an upgrade to your roof so you’re able to save on repairs and protect your house.

Roof deterioration doesn’t happen overnight. Signs will crop up with time, and could not be required to replace right away. In some cases, a repair to your roof could be enough. The ones with a long-term problem are those that will get you thinking about the replacement of your roof.

First, you must look at the shingles for cracks or curling. Changes in temperature will cause shingles to contract and expand. At around 15 years old it wears down the shingles and causes the edges to turn up. The curling is sometimes accompanied by cracking inside the shingles.

A different sign of age is nail pops. This will need an upgrade to your roofing. In the same way, the expansion and contraction from temperature changes will lead to nails popping out and lead to bulges in the roofing. This can lead to punctures in the roofing shingles which lead to the roof to leak.

For more signs, check out the video to the right.


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