What You Didnt Know About Teeth Whitening – Home Teeth Whitening

at results.
3. Once you whiten the teeth you’ll have white teeth for the rest of your life.
False. They can alter the color of your teeth when you do not take care of them after they have been whitening.
4. Lemons that are sucked can produce whiter results
False. Lemons are bad for teeth as the acidic component will melt the enamel and result in irreparable damage to the teeth.
5. Dental kits purchased at stores are the same as what dentists prescribe
False. False. The proportion of hydrogen peroxide in the dental products sold by retailers is not as high as what dental professionals recommend. It’s the whitening agent that helps whiten teeth. You’ll experience better results from an appointment with a dentist.
6. Natural whitening remedies are better than going to see dentist
False. These remedies at-home can hurt teeth irreparably, and they include abrasive or acidic ingredients.

Contrary to the popular opinion, teeth whitening treatments are reliable and safe. Cosmetic procedures that are done correctly can help you get gorgeous smiles that is something you’ll be proud to show off. mzuj316u58.

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