How Do Dentists Treat Cavities? – Dentist Offices

There are a lot of things you have to complete before you can get cavities. While having a cavity may not sound like a fun procedure, the fact is that there’s an abundance of things taking place while your dentist works to give you a healthier smile. That’s what happens when the dentist fills in your cavities.

First, they will need to place a local numbing agent above the tooth that needs an filling. The anesthetic is usually as one that your dentist will apply to a cotton swab and then into your mouth over your gums, just above the tooth to be filled. Once that has settles for a couple of minutes then you’ll require an injection of another anesthetic that is typically the novocaine.

After you’ve been sufficiently numbed to the point of discomfort, your dentist is going to begin the process of removing the decayed tooth. Your dentist will create a hole into your tooth to remove the decay. Once all decay is removed it is possible to seal the tooth. It is good to know that today’s fillings generally are not different from the tooth. After the filling is cured after which it can be filed to fit your initial tooth shape.


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