How to Set up a Live Stream for a Funeral – Blog Author

It can be particularly difficult when family members cannot attend the funeral service in person. The good news is that live streaming of a funeral has made it possible for loved ones to attend services from wherever they may be. These are the actions that can help establish a live streaming service for a funeral.
First thing to choose an online streaming service. It is possible to stream via the funeral company you’ve selected, or create your own streaming platform. If you’ve chosen to allow your funeral home take care of the setting up, then you will be able to concentrate on the other aspects of planning funeral services. However, if you’re looking to establish your own live stream then YouTube and Vimeo will prove to be the best options for the people who want to stream live.
In the process of setting up your live stream, you can select the time at which you’d like to “go live” in your YouTube account. Live streams can be set to private or password-protected so only you and guests have access to it. From there, you’ll need to make invitations and send the link to your live stream to your loved ones that will be watching remotely. 3fgwoslfdg.

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