Packing Advice for a Trip on an Assisted Living Cruise Ship – Travel Packing Tips

nd a cruise ship to take your loved ones on a cruise. You can take them on all or none of the things as they want, depending on how much they are able to do.

A person who requires Alzheimer help or hearing aids, or is restricted mobility, it doesn’t mean holiday activities are restricted to those with disabilities. Cruise ships that offer assisted living will allow them to enjoy a relaxing holiday. You will always have people on the ship to assist those in need. You only need to put their bags in their suitcases; when making that process, it is important to know what to pack in the luggage. We’ll be sharing packing suggestions on assisted living cruises.

Pack Masks

These days, both crew members and passengers require masks aboard ships. If you want to know if masks are required, you may inquire at the cruise line your family member is scheduled to. If you can’t get through to them, just pack several masks; after all, they won’t take much room, but something could arise, making them necessary.

Be Careful When You Choose Bags

Be aware that you are able to only carry small luggage and suitcases for assisted living cruises. It is recommended to pack your luggage in a way that fits under your bed. A collapsible bag is a good option for seniors who need extra space, such as souvenirs. This kind of bag can accommodate small spaces, and, in the event of need, can be expanded to hold additional items. In order to make transportation easy the best option is to carry an oversized backpack or fanny bag. If your vessel is docked in a location where there are shops bags made from cloth, or a mesh bags can be valuable. Be aware that on cruises those who travel need to use the bags that are sealable. Why? After swimming or submerging yourself in hot tubs and then putting their bathing suits in a tub, they require a spot to put their swimsuits; otherwise, it will be a source of water that will drip onto all the other things within their


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