Heres Why You Should Trust Your Dental Specialist – Discovery Videos

In order to become a specialist in thodontics one must successfully complete 2-3 years of orthodontic study.

The specialist in orthodontics diagnoses and corrects facial and dental abnormalities, including misaligned teeth and bite issues.

The reasons to correct Malocclusion

Malocclusion (bad bite) needs to be corrected to achieve optimum dental health and avoid future issues. Malocclusion happens when the lower and upper jaws don’t align when closing the mouth. The possible causes are:
* Too much wear and tear of the teeth
* Chewing problems
* Speech problems
* Tooth decay

Jaw Size and Aesthetics

Malocclusion or jaw irregularities could affect facial appearance. It may be necessary to undergo surgery.


The dentist will have to take photos of your teeth, 3-D photos along with x-rays to decide on the most effective treatment.
For correcting jaw and tooth abnormalities, it’s essential seeking orthodontic treatment. If you delay getting treatment, you risk having problems in the near future.

Contact an expert in orthodontics to achieve that beautiful smile. rebwv4da8k.

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