What is Neuropathy? – Bright Healthcare

Are you experiencing numbness in your feet and ngers for some time? Perhaps you felt an unsteady sensation on your extremities. Neuropathy could be the culprit when there’s no clear motive. This video will give you more details about Neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a condition that affects nerves. The nerves transmit electric signals through your body as well as to your brain that transmit sensations of pain as well as the sensation of discomfort. If your nerves don’t perform as would be expected, it’s feasible for them to send pain signals that aren’t related to the root source of the pain. Chronic pain and loss of sensation at certain places could cause. In general, this is result of nerves becoming pressed or crushed by surrounding tissues or organs. This is why a cure for Neuropathy typically is a less invasive procedure to release the pressure that is placed on the nerve. This will give it the time and space that it requires to heal. The pain will disappear once the healing process has completed. However, it requires some amount of time to heal. It is not possible to think of instant recovery. If you experience any of these symptoms discuss with your physician the possibility of Neuropathy.


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