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The raccoon was adopted as his housepet and made her an animal. Piper is a well-known YouTuber and is now one of the most popular raccoons of YouTube. Piper has been involved in many explorations, excursions as well as excursions with her pet owners. this is only one of many clips where you can watch this cute raccoon in her human home. In this video, you will see Piper discover which well-known chip brand is the best according to quality and taste.

Clearly, Piper loves chips. Piper devours many chips during her first attempt. The selection is 8 and is happy to gobble them up with her little fingers. Original Sun Chips were superior to those made with cheddar. Sun Chips along with Lays Original barbecue chips outperformed the baked chips. Piper was a fan of Chili Cheese Fritos far more than the other ones, and she prefers Nacho Cheese Doritos in preference to cold ranch. At the end of the day, the favorite of Piper’s chips comes from the formidable Nacho Cheese Dorito.


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