Best Used Cars of 2022 – Car Talk Credits

Because of the current pandemic and the current car shortage, the market is extremely overpriced. No doubt, you’ll need a car. However, you do not necessarily have to shell out a lot of money for. In this video, we will demonstrate 10 vehicles that are budget-friendly and help you save money for the future.

The first vehicle on the list is the 2013 GMC Acadia. The Acadia is an SUV of a medium size with great safety scores. The Acadia is also mobile and is available to purchase beginning at around $12,000.

The 215 Toyota Prius is a great alternative if you’re searching for an affordable used car with a lot of mileage. The Prius can accommodate five people, making it a perfect family car also. You can get the Prius in as little as $12,500.

Another fantastic car on this listing is the 2013 Honda Accord. It also has a great fuel economy of 50 MPG. The Accord seats five, just as the Prius. It also comes with good safety scores.


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