Discover 7 Things to Do When Visiting California – Best Travel Videos


It is possible to pick one at the list of possibilities if you’re not sure what festival or event is going to happen. You might be lucky! One quick Google lookup will reveal hundreds of possibilities with each one offering something unique for the avid traveler.

Go-Wine Tasting

California is one of the most renowned wine-producing areas around the world. Explore the California wineries to experience California wines. It’s the most convenient option to get to California. You’ll find that several wineries provide tours and wine tastings regardless of whether they have the vineyards of their own! A few great spots to taste California wines are Three Wine Co. in Paso Robles, White Rock Vineyards located near LAX, Big Horse Winery and Stables located in Temecula Valley, Lemoncello Winery in Orange County, Baily Vineyard and Winery located in Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros located on the Sonoma Coast and Castoro Cellars located at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.

Black Dragon Meadery is a distinctive alternative to wine tasting. This alcoholic drink made from honey, also known as mead, is a long-running favorite and is sought-after in the present. If you’re not a fan of wine or mead but you’re worried about it, do not fret! California is home to a wide array of microbreweries and craft breweries for those who love beer and want to discover something new. If you’re looking for a new drink, there’s a craft brewery located in California that’s sure to please. You can visit Golden Road Brewing, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, Redlands or Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim.

Explore on the Pacific Coast Highway

It would be difficult to see all the California beautiful sights in just the course of a single trip, even if your resources were unlimited. However, there is no need to. The most effective way to explore California is to take a day trip along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) instead! The PCH can be started with a stop at Santa Monica Pier and continue through Malibu before crossing Orange County.


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