What is the Sherman Antitrust Act? – Crevalor Reviews

The goal is to start or compete in a business.

Certain strategies businesses employ to control the market are two companies can split cities in half. Two companies can either dominate market share in half or merge into one firm. They will typically hold 30% market portion. When this happens small companies employ lawyers to assist them in their efforts to combat the bigger companies.

Another tactic companies use in order to build monopolies is corporations collaborate, rather than competing with each other. Bidding or auctions are auctions where businesses agree in advance on who will get the contract , or who will win the auction bid. This is not fair competition as it has been predetermined.

The Sherman Antitrust Act as well as The Federal Trade Commission Act are the three antitrust laws that defend businesses and consumers against monopolies. The companies that are in violation of these laws can be fined or sentenced to jail. These unfair business practices can be stopped with the help of an antitrust lawyer for small and mid-sized companies.


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