Things a New Homeowner Needs to Keep Their Home Safe – Media Content Lab

1. Make use of GFCI outlets

GFCI outlets are needed in some rooms in order to protect you from electric shocks. If your home was recently built, you’ve probably noticed them in your bathroom as well as kitchen. There are also outlets within crawl spaces as well as others that can be prone to water. If your house is bit older, you can put in a GFCI outlet for about one cent, which makes it an excellent way to invest in.

12. Install Freeze or Flood Sensors

Broken or frozen pipes could result in significant harm if they are not treated. These risks can be detected with home automation prior to when they develop into an emergency. The sensors can assist in checking temperatures and levels of water. The sensors will notify you if the sensors detect a problem to allow you to address it swiftly.

13. Home Security System

Although home security systems will be unable to stop burglars from entering your home however, they can deter away burglars before they have the chance to be able to steal something, or get the attention of the neighbours. Security systems will alert you should the home get smashed. Alarms can also alert the police to help reduce the damage and loss. For example, if thieves break into your home when the security cameras go off then they’ll be in need to go away, considering that they’re sure it’s only a matter of time before police arrive, and even if they aren’t aware that the alarm has been activated, there’s a possibility that the police will show up earlier than they’ve finished their immoral task.

The majority of the modern systems notify you when your kids have returned from school, or when the door is unlocked. This allows you to be aware of your family members, even when you aren’t. The security of your home is one that considers your family’s needs and current lifestyle.

14. Be Private

With the simple act of putting up curtains or blinds, you will deter burglars as they won’t be able to discern if the house is filled with valuable objects. In the event that they steal from the house, they’ll be walking around in a ‘bl


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