Gas Water Heater Replacement – Interior Painting Tips

Although it might sound like an area for professionals You can nevertheless replace your gas heaters on your own. In the case of homeowners wanting to save expenses, DIY gas heater replacement is a good choice. What can homeowners do to replace their gas heaters on own?

The narrator of the video, the very first step in replacing an existing gas heater is to review the labels on the current heater. This will allow you to determine the dimensions and specifications to help buyers when purchasing a new heater. The homeowner should then test the venting system by closing all windows and switching off the gas appliance. Then, a match should be placed under the hood, to allow the fumes.

The homeowner must remove the venting. They should also shut off the water source and connect a garden hose into the drain valve in order to drain the water from the tank. The next step is to remove your discharge pipe from TandP valve before disconnecting from the supply of water. The tank must be set on a drain pan with the discharge pipe installed. Once this is done, attach the water lines once more and fill up the tank with water.

The homeowner has to connect the gas supply to the water heater , and switch it on. This was all the replacement of the gas water heater process.


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