What Makes a School Smart? – Discovery Videos

Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, Annadale in Virginia was listed as one of the smartest high schools in America. Average SAT scores varied between 2220 and 2280. This school had the best-rated engineering, science, technology and math, or STEM course across the United States.

Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology is a smart school that can help students who are unable to be in class. Students can connect to the Internet and attend classes. Students don’t have to rush around trying to catch up on missed lessons.

Schools that have smart teachers are able to create better lesson plans since they have the option of using interactive activities and add video clips to online lessons plans. The technology makes it simpler for teachers to not only attract the attention of students but also keep it.

With school budgets being slashed frequently Smart schools are smarter in ways to save schools money. There is no need to buy books or paper. Since the course of study changes frequently so new textbooks don’t need to be bought every year. dta1ki5kxo.

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