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The amount of bail is decided by a judge. The amount is determined based on the arrestee’s previous criminal background, how serious the offense is in the event that the person being arrested is considered a risk to public safety, and the amount of potential flight threat the accused may pose. Bail will be paid in the moment in the event that the person arrested is wealthy.

Others need their bail paid through an arrangement known as a bail bond. Someone contact a bail bondsman who is also known as a bail agent to set up bail. A bail agent will set up bail bonds, and then makes certain that the person being arrested is present for court appearances. The bail bondsman’s firm covers the cost of the pail. The person arrested is required to pay the amount of bail to the bail bondsman’s company. The amount paid in bail to the bail bond firm typically is much greater than the bail amount originally paid. In Colorado as an example, bail bond companies are legally allowed to charge up to 15 percent of bail for extra charges. Some states like Kansas do not have a maximum rate and allow as much they like.

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