What Can You Do For Corroded Copper Pipes? – Awkward Family Photos

You can see your piping turning a a minty green hue. It’s not likely to be a sign of danger. Still, you might need the assistance of some professional plumbers. In this short video you’ll learn the reasons.

There are a variety of reasons Copper pipes will eventually age and become corrosive with duration. This could lead to a buildup inside the pipes. Even though rust isn’t dangerous but it may cause poor tasting taste in water. On the flipside, this could be very dangerous if you have lead in the piping. The best thing to do is replace all your pipes as soon as it is the case. What can be done to stop the simple deterioration of the copper pipes?

The recipe is simple which you can prepare at home to solve the problem. Mix lemon juice and salt at three to one ratio until the salt is fully dissolved. This mixture can then be used to clean the copper pipes using a damp cloth. Once you’ve finished cleansing, be sure to wash off the exterior of the pipe , to eliminate left over residue.


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